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Great! Please follow the steps below to ensure that your envelopes arrive at our facility and are ready to be printed.

If you have any questions during the process please email us at: or call us at 954-309-6721.

How to Order

Please carefully read all the following steps, notes, information, and policies then click the link above to be taken to our order form.

Please prepare the following for your order:

1. Font Selection / Layout
Select your font style, font size and the layout.
Click here to see your font and layout options

2. Ink Color Selection
Black is our default color and will be used if no color is indicated. If you are using another color you will need to make a selection from our ink colors.
Click here to see your ink color options

3. Customer Guest List
Please use only our Excel spread sheet to organize your customer's guest list. We will use this list exactly as you have it for printing. The Excel document will provide you with further instruction.
Click here to download for envelopes (inner and outer)
Click here to download for place cards

4. Envelopes and Place Cards
We do not sell or provide envelopes or place cards. Please mail your envelopes and or place cards to:
Just Calligraphy
2827 Oakbrook Lane
Weston, Florida 33332


To expedite the process
As soon as you receive your customer's guest list properly formatted, immediately email it to to help quickly expedite your order rather than waiting to receive the unaddressed envelopes. Do not wait for the envelopes!

Proof reading
We try and make as few corrections as possible to your customer's guest list. However, for the most part, while we may catch an error and correct it, please assume your envelopes will be printed exactly from the list. Prior to emailing us the guest list, it is your responsibility to preview the guest list and make changes to improper etiquette, not fully spelling out the "State," etc... Prior to emailing us the guest list, please make sure that both you and your customer do a thorough job of proofing.

Envelope proofs
We will send you free of charge a PDF proof of your customer's guest list formatted for easy viewing and proofing. Just Calligraphy will not print the envelopes and or place cards, until both you and your customer give final approval. Please have your customer's guest list mailed to us in advance, to allow extra time for this process.

Extra envelopes and place cards
Please remember to include at least 15% extra envelopes for spoilage, changes and additions. Place cards require 20% extra for spoilage. Any unused envelopes and cards will be returned. We will keep a few for additional names your customer may submit after the original list was addressed.

Our suggested method is to leave your envelopes in the stationery box, then place that box in a larger zip lock or clean kitchen garbage bag, then pack that box in a larger box with some paper or cushioning around it to "lock it" securely into place. We normally ship using USPS using "Priority Mail" or "Priority" Flat Box Rate, whichever is less expensive.

To help you gauge the shipping costs per box:
$4.95 for the small box (8.5" x 5.5" x 1.75")
$10.70 for the medium size box (11" x 8.5" x 5.5")
$14.50 for the large box (12" x 12" x 5.5")

Allow 2 to 3 days for shipping. You may request UPS ground or Fed Ex. Your final shipping costs will depend on the size of your order.

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